Coppin'a Feel

"Coppin'a Feel" is currently under consideration by various festivals across the nation, and has already been accepted and nominated for a couple of awards by the Austin Comedy Shorts Festival in 2019.

This is Joe: Getting a Job... ?

"This is Joe: Getting a job... ?" is the first episode in a series. We will follow Joe as he discovers a very strange world, or is Joe the strange one? Find out in this first episode!

Savory Burger: The Web Series

Welcome to Savory Burger, where the food is burgers and the service... is savory!

The Artists Playground is proud to present an original web series about a group of quirky employees working in a not so appetizing fast food chain.

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Episode 1: Be My Eyes

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The new new eyePhone

As a sequel to "the new eyePhone" video released in 2011, The Artists Playground got their members together for an impromptu production of "the new new eyePhone" over a weekend.

The hilarious results of this experiment can be seen here:

Little Mafia

When you're managing a Mafia, 'things' need to be taken care of. The Boss (Jose Quinones) calls out a meeting of the entire organization which has exactly one other member: The Goon (Roger Schwermer), hence the title Little Mafia. This comedic short film is currently under post-production and should be released sometime in 2014.

The Morning After

After a night of crazy partying, Jake (Justin Lucas) wakes up in bed next to the recently acquainted, Sara (Krishna Smitha). A quick glance around the room and Jake thinks he's not quite awake. He is definitely not prepared to deal with the Morning After.

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