Savory Burger: The Web Series

Welcome to Savory Burger, where the food is burgers and the service... is savory!

The Artists Playground is proud to present an original web series about a group of quirky employees working in a not so appetizing fast food chain.

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Episode 1: Be My Eyes

More Episodes on the TAP Youtube Channel.

Savory Burger: Meet The Cast
Mr. Paul Miller
Mr. Miller is the manager at Savory Burger. He tries hard to be part of the 'gang' but just never quite gets it. He's not the brightest tool in the shed and while he tries to do a good job, he just can't help but be distracted by his huge crush on a certain fiery latina (ie. Conchita). Played by Roger Schwermer.
Russell Brown
Russell Brown is the lead cashier at Savory Burger. He's a laid back kind of guy, everybody's best friend, a cool dude. Employee of the Month, 11 times running, Russell can seem to do no wrong. He just wants to do his work and stay out of trouble. Played by Justin Lucas.
Molly Shah
Molly Shah is a fryer at Savory Burger, though she aims to be much more. Always dressed in a suit jacket, Molly attempts over and over again to prove she can be management material. (She can't.)She despises the cavalier attitude of most of her co-workers- especially Russell. Played by Krishna Smitha.
Conchita Martinez Garcia
Conchita Martinez Garcia is a cook and fryer at Savory Burger. She is half Cuban, half Mexican and full of fire and her actual name is much much much longer. She is blissfully unaware that Mr. Miller is smitten with her, instead focusing on her hair and nails. She's always just a bit behind in understanding... everything. Played by Monica S. Quinones.
Nina Kennedy
Nina Kennedy is a cashier at Savory Burger. She is a vegetarian, intellectual, socialist who can't seem to keep down a job. While Savory Burger goes against everything she believes in, it is also the only place that will not fire her. Played by Amira Sharif.
Bobbi Jo Beddinafield
Bobbi Jo Beddinafield is a cook and fryer at Savory Burger. She likes to think of herself as a big sister around the place and offers advice and comfort where she can. She enjoys telling stories about her family from back home in East Texas and has a condiment addiction. Played by Delanie Bitler.
Mr. Jefferson
Mr. Jefferson is a Vice President of The Savory One- the corporate parent of Savory Burger. He enjoys accounting, sporting, and spontaneity. He dislikes technology, jokes, and mockingbirds. Mr. Jefferson fancies himself to be the Don of the fast food world. (He's not.) Played by Christian Heep.
Madame Ivy
Madame Ivy is a psychic that rents the space next door to Savory Burger. Her abilities confound and impress those who are easily confounded. She is trying to keep her business afloat branching into the internet and other new age marketing outlets. It doesn't seem to be working. Played by Ivy Opdyke.

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